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FormulaZone: Products & Services

FormulaZone is a company that has developed a Zone Diet to help people lose weight. The diet plan was developed under the guidance of dietitians, health professionals and nutrition experts. A zone diet advocates consumption of calories from fat, protein and carbohydrates in a balanced ratio. This diet centers on the 40:30:30 daily ratio of calories obtained from carbohydrates, proteins and fats respectively.

 This diet plan is based on principles that are nutritionally sound. When people eat right, the pounds start to melt away. Users are supposed to plan their meals, shop for groceries and cook the meals. This diet plan can help the entire family to lose weight successfully and keep it off and also help to improve their general health and well-being.

The plan is ideal for those who would like to lose weight, those who are concerned about their overall health and those with dietary issues such as high cholesterol or diabetes. Those who use this diet consistently can get the body they want, gain more energy and improve their overall health without wrecking their metabolism, without supplements or drugs and without going hungry. The package contains the following:

  • Over 3,100 recipes – these recipes are nutritious, delicious and exciting. The variety helps the user to stick to the diet plan.
  • Menu planner – to help you plan your meals
  • Personal cookbook – to help you construct your own menu
  • Shopping Lists – to serve as shopping guides
  • Fast food and nutrition analyzer – to help you make healthy food choices
  • Zone Recipe Builder & Substitute List – to help you customize your meals

For best results, members are advised to combine this diet plan with about 30 minutes of regular exercice around 3 to 5 times a week. This helps to reduce inflammation within fat cells and also controls insulin levels.

Affiliate program – This company also has an affliate program for website owners who woul d like to promote FormulaZone and earn residual income. Joining the program is easy and they offer a generous commission to their affiliates. The affiliate program is operated by ShareaSale, a reputable company that sends monthly checks to all affiliates.

FormulaZone: Company Background

FormulaZone is a family business founded by Cale Bergh and his wife Karen. This couple were followers of healthy nutrition plans by various nutritionists for years. They loved the programs as they increased their energy levels and helped them to lose weight. However, they were getting a bit bored with the recipes in the books. They finally decided to develop their own program and that is how FormulaZone was born. FormulaZone is a weight loss program that they developed with the assistance of health professionals, nutrition experts and dietitians.

The company is located at 1140 Hwy 287, Suite 400-243 Broomfield, Colorado 80020. The email address is and the telephone number is 303-882-4684. The IP address of the company is and it is located at Lansing, Michigan, United States. The site was created on 10th January, 2006, meaning that it has been in operation for almost 6 years.

FormulaZone: Customer Feedback & Reviews

This company has received a lot of positive reviews from its members. It appears that there are no dissatisfied customers. Here are some comments from some of the customers.

  • I was up and down the diet game like a yo-yo Atkins, Weight Watchers, Free to Be Thin, The Grapefruit Diet .Richard name it, I tried it over the years, losing 10 pounds, gaining 20, losing 50, gaining 100.Then I found Three weeks later my clothes were fitting loser, I was feeling better, I was not as hungry. I was losing the cravings. I had more energy. I liked the food, because it was REAL food, MY food.Then I weighed in at 325 pounds. Now I weigh 160 pounds. I feel great, my knees feel better, my blood levels are great, I have mental clarity, I do not have the cravings I had, I am never hungry, I require only 5 hours of sleep and wake up refreshed and energized. I have too many clothes! Nancy Inglehart - Portland, Or.
  • I had a lot of trouble with hypoglycemia before so the low glycemic diet has been perfect for me. After a meal instead of feeling overstuffed, lethargic etc., I just feel healthy, satisfied and my body feels peaceful, on an even keel. Plus, as I said, I have lost 18 pounds and am still going. I have learned to love healthy foods, especially a new appreciation of fruit, something I had no taste for before. Both my sister and my sister in law have joined because of me and several women at work are thinking about it. I plan to eat this way the rest of my life. I also like how simple most of the recipes are, I’m not into cooking so the simplicity is great. Anyway, thanks for this great site. The Zone diet would be way too complicated and difficult without it. Every couple of days I’ve lost another pound. I plan to be a member for a long time! James Thompson - Ohio.
  • I love the 40-30-30 diet. I have lost 40 pounds in 4 months.  I started the fat flush October 1 and by November 1 I had lost 18 lbs, we then went on maintenance and I lost another 8 until Christmas holiday. Over the holidays I didn’t gain or lose. Now we are back on the maintenance program. I have lost another 6-8 lbs.  The program is great and the one thing I really like about it is that the balance makes sense and you do not have to give up anything. Todd Storsmann - Seattle, Wa.

Most of the reviews were from users in the USA. Majority of the customers are happy because the program does actually help them to lose weight and keep it off. They are also happy with the delicious recipes and the fact that they do not have to miss out on anything or starve.

FormulaZone: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

FormulaZone has a high business credibility. For instance, Better Business Bureau (BBB), the reputable organization that focuses on advancing marketplace trust has given this company a rating of A+ on a scale of A to F. This is a very high rating that shows the credibility of this company.

In the last 3 years, BBB has only received one complaint about this company. The complaint was related to its service/product. However, this complaint was resolved with the assistance of BBB. The link to this report is

FormulaZone: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The FormulaZone website has been given a good global rank of 751,718 by Google out of the 30 million global domains. Compete ranks this website at number 278,679 while Quantcast ranks it at number 958,947.

The site is quite popular among users in India from where it gets approximately 51.7% of its traffic. It receives about 39.7% of its visitors from United States. About 59% of visits to this website consist of one pageview. On average, visitors to the site view 1.8 unique pages daily and they spend about 37 seconds on each pageview and about of 71 seconds on the website per visit.

The website has about 240 sites linking in. Google has given it a good pagerank of 4 out of 10 and it SEO score is about 23%.

FormulaZone: Social Media Presence

FormulaZone does not have good social media presence. For instance, they are missing in the leading social media networks such as Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. However, there are about 5 Facebook comments about the company and approximately 35 shares. The website does not operate a blog.

The site has been bookmarked more than 29 times across some of the leading social bookmarking services like Delicious and Folkd. It has also bee mentioned about 7 times in top social news destinations like Google News and there is 1 you-tube video.

FormulaZone: Website Security & Safety

Google has listed this website as safe and secure. A look at the Google diagnostic page for this website reveals that the site is not listed as suspicious currently. It does not appear to work as an intermediary for infection of other websites and it has not hosted any malicious software in the last 90 days. The link to the Google diagnostic test is

The site does not give out its customers' personal information to 3rd parties. Customers are also assured that the payment process is safe as they use a secure (https://) connection when collecting payment information. They use VeriSign to process payments and the website does not store credit card information of customers.

The website is also Norton Secured and was awarded an SSL certificate on 30th March, 2011. SSL technology helps to encrypt any personal information that is transmitted over the internet. The site is also McAfee secured and received a certified McAfee Secure Site Certificate on 10th October, 2012. The security measures undertaken by the site protect customers from identify theft and other online threats.

FormulaZone: Pricing & Packages

The top level package of this company is the FormulaZone which comes with more than a dozen tools to help you succeed. Below are the prices charged for membership to the program.

  • One Year for $62.99
  • Six Months for $39.99
  • Three Months for $24.99

The prices charged by this company are quite reasonable considering that they offer over 3,100 recipes and over a dozen tools for success. Below is a comparison of this company's prices with companies dealing in similar weight loss programs.

FormulaZone: Shipping Rates & Policies

FormulaZone starts processing orders immediately the payment process if finalized. Customers are notified by email once payment is received and they are requested to allow time for account update and delivery of the order. Delivery can take between 5-10 business days depending on the destination.

The company ships internationally and customers are requested to ensure that their shipping and billing addresses are correct. The shipping charges are usually included in the price of the package. The price of shipping is included in the package. 

FormulaZone: Payment Methods Accepted

Customers of FormulaZone have a number of payment methods to choose from. The company accepts use of PayPal, which is one of the most secure and reliable online payment methods. Customers can also mail a check to the address of the company. Those who use checks are supposed to enclose a note with their user name and email for ease of identification.

The company also accepts use of Google Checkout, an online payment processing system offered by Google. This method stores the credit card, debit card and shipping information of users in their Google account. Use of Visa, MasterCard, Anex card and Discover card is also accepted on this site.

FormulaZone: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

FormulaZone offers dissatisfied customers a 100% money-back guarantee. They believe that if a customer is not totally satisfied, they have no business keeping his money. Customers can cancel their membership hassle free and ask for a refund if they are not completely satisfied. However, they are required to try FormulaZone for at least 14 days before asking for a refund.

All a customer has to do is to send an email at requesting for a refund. After the company receives the email, processing of the refund begins. The company refunds every penny and does not charge any cancellation of membership fee. There is however no evidence whether they honor or do not honor their return policy.

FormulaZone: Product images & screenshots
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